What is Ultrasound?

True Nature of Ultrasound

Generally, "sound that cannot be heard by humans" is called ultrasonic.
The range of sound that humans can hear is said to be about 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and very high pitched sounds above 20 kHz are ultrasonic.

What sound brinigs to us

The distance to an object can be measured from the trasnfer time for an ultrasonic wave to be transmitted and to be reflected back.
The size and movement of the object can also be determined by the reflection with the intensity strength and wavelength.
Inaudible sound shows us "what we cannot see".

Information Applications of Ultrasound

Information Applications of Ultrasound

This video introduces the basic mechanism for seeing the "invisible" using ultrasound in an easy-to-understand manner.
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Sound is vibrations of air and non-air vibrations

Ultrasonic vibrations can be transmitted to other things besides air.
It can be used for washing by vibrating liquids, increasing the blades sharpness by vibration, or welding objects together by friction during vibration.
Ultrasonic vibration technology can be applied in unexpected familiar places.

Motive Power applications of ultrasonic waves

Motive Power applications of ultrasonic waves

This video introduces the mechanisms of cleaning, cutting, welding, atomizing, and other processes performed by ultrasonic vibration application technology in an easy-to-understand manner.
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