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Honda Electronics Co., Ltd.

Since its foundation, Honda Electronics Co., Ltd. has always focused on the development of new ultrasonic technology.
And we are using the many ultrasonic elemental technologies we have cultivated over the years for the development of society and the creation of the future through industry-academia and cross-industry exchanges.


Product Information

Honda Electronics develops and manufactures products in various fields that apply ultrasonic technology. Furthermore, we have developed our own piezoelectric ceramics, the core technology of ultrasonic waves, and manufacture in-house ultrasonic transducers suitable for the purpose.

Marine Products

Introducing HONDEX brand echo sounders and plotters.

Industrial Products

industrial ultrasonic equipment such as washers, flowmeters, level meters, flaw detectors, welders, etc.

Medical Products

Medical Ultrasound Imaging Systems and Veterinary Ultrasound Imaging Systems.

Ceramics Products

Piezoelectric ceramic elements, Bolt-clamped Langevin type transducer, Ultrasonic sensors, Lead-free piezoceramics

Atomization and cutter products

Ultrasonic atomizers and Ultrasonic cutter.

Possibility of ultrasound

Possibilities of Ultrasound

The applied technology of ultrasoound is evolving day by day and covers a wide range of fields such as advanced medicine, environment, food, and agriculture. It also has the power to become the core of technological innovations necessary for the future, such as new energy development, nanotechnology, and aerospace technology.


As a pioneer in ultrasonic technology, Honda Electronics has developed products and markets for more than 65 years. Please find various achievments from its history.