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Prohibited activity

The Company prohibits customers from engaging in any of the following acts
(1) Any action that causes or may cause damage to the Company or any third party
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(3) Actions that are or may be offensive to public order and morals
(4) Actions that involve false declarations or notifications, such as registering another person's e-mail address
(5) Use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses
(6) Unilaterally sending unsolicited email, mail magazines, etc.
(7) Other acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations
(8) Any other actions that the Company deems inappropriate.
In the event of a violation of the above, the Company may demand compensation for damages from the customer.

About Links

  1. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content of third-party websites linked to this website (hereinafter referred to as "linked sites"). We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of the content of third party websites linked to this website ("Linked Sites") or the use of Linked Sites.

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Customer Suggestions

This website does not accept any technical or commercial proposals from customers. However, if we do receive a proposal from a customer, we will handle it as follows
(1) We are not obligated to maintain the confidentiality of your proposal.
(2) We will not evaluate or review your proposal.
(3) MEDINET shall not be liable for any compensation, etc., even if the contents of your Proposal are identical or similar in whole or in part to any proposal announced, developed, or adopted by MEDINET.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

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