JAN Code List

You can check the JAN code of each product in the list.

Application Equipment

Classification Name of product JAN code
[Product] Ultrasonic cutter USW-335Ti 4580113185277
[Product] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 Main unit 4580113185017
[Option] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 Blade fixture 4580113185024
[Option] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 Blade fixing screw 4580113185031
[Option] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 HexagonWrench 4580113185048
[Option] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 Standard blade 4580113185055
[Option] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 Carbide blade 4580113185062
[Option] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 Square blade 4580113185093
[Option] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 long blade 4580113185109
[Option] Ultrasonic cutter USW-334 Round tip blade 4580113185116
[Product] Ultrasonic engraving knives USW-334ek Ultrasonic Engraver 4580113185192
[Option] Ultrasonic engraver HAE01 Round knife 4580113185208
[Option] Ultrasonic engraver HKE01 Edge Fixing Tool for Marble Knives 4580113185215
[Option] Ultrasonic engraver HAE02 triangular knife 4580113185222
[Option] Ultrasonic engraver HKE02 Blade fixing bracket for triangular sword 4580113185239
[Option] Ultrasonic engraver HAE03 flat sword 4580113185246
[Option] Ultrasonic engraver HK02 Blade fixing bracket for flat sword 4580113185253
[Product] Ultrasonic welder SONAC-37 4580113185291

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Classification Name of product JAN code
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners WT-C401 4580113185352
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners W-113A 4580113185369
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners W-113MK2 4580113185376
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners WTC-404 4580113185383
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners WTC-408 4580113185390
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners W-170ST 4580113185307
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners WT-100-M 4580113185321
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners WT-200-M 4580113185338
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners WT-300-M 4580113185345
[Product] Ultrasonic Cleaners W-2121 4580113185130
[Option] Ultrasonic Cleaners SB01 Set of 3 cleaning bottles 4580113185147
[Option] Ultrasonic Cleaners WE04 Cleaning solution HC-2000 30ml 4580113185154
[Option] Ultrasonic Cleaners MB01 Blister case for eyeglass cleaning 4580113185161
[Option] Ultrasonic Cleaners KB01 Blister case for small items cleaning 4580113185178
[Option] Ultrasonic Cleaners SUB01 Bottle in wash 4580113185185

Measuring Instruments

Classification Name of product JAN code
[Product] Ultrasonic Level Meter HAL420 4580113185314