Ultrasonic Cleaners

For laboratory and general cleaning

Suitable for use in laboratories and for cleaning smaller workpieces such as glasses or small quantities of workpieces.


Four oscillation modes are provided for powerful cleaning with reduced unevenness.


This is a compact type cleaner equipped with a three-frequency multi-oscillation "thumper" system that selects three different frequencies with different cleaning characteristics to enhance the cleaning effect.


The "Bakusen" mode with two frequencies in close proximity removes persistent dirt.


By reducing the pressure in the cleaning tank (depressurization), it is effective in cleaning even the inside of micropores and bag structures, which are generally difficult to clean. In addition, the cleaning time can be shortened.

Industrial Cleaning Machines

This is a washing machine for cleaning parts in factories.
The separate type consists of an generator and a transducer unit, and the transducer unit is manufactured according to customer requirements.


Our unique "Dyna-Shock Modulation (DM)" system, made possible by full-digital technology, provides optimal cleaning power to meet the needs of each application, from soft to hard cleaning.


RS485 communication (MODBUS® RTU) enables various settings and checking of operating status. Frequency and output power settings and oscillation status can be read out for preventive maintenance.


The FM+AM oscillation makes the ultrasonic waves in the tank uniform, reducing unevenness in cleaning and providing stable performance against load fluctuation from workpiece, liquid type and liquid depth.


Compact industrial cleaners for production lines, equipment incorporation, and space saving.


This is a large benchtop type cleaner. with a large-capacity washing tank and high output. voice guidance and photoelectric switches enable hands-free operation.
High-efficiency, energy-saving model achieving uniform cleaning.

Cleaning machines for the semiconductor industry

This high-frequency cleaner is designed to clean semiconductor wafers and masks.
Depending on the purpose, batch cleaning and single wafer cleaning are available.


Separate type cleaner consisting of an generator and a transducer unit.
Batch-type cleaning can clean multiple semiconductor wafers at once.
We can manufacture units according to customer requirements.

This pulse-jet washing machine cleans by placing ultrasonic vibrations into a clean water stream.
It is suitable for single-wafer cleaning.
This pulse-jet washing machine cleans by placing ultrasonic vibrations into a clean water stream.
Particles are removed by the curtain-like cleaning liquid stream.

This cleaner cleans wafers and masks by superimposing ultrasonic waves on a quartz vibrating element.
Low damage and high cleanliness are achieved.

Sonic Monitor

By placing the sensor in the tank (or running water) of the ultrasonic cleaner, the ultrasonic intensity generated inside the tank is displayed in mV.


A necessity for cleaning quality control to monitor output of ultrasonic cleaners. Equipped with a rechargeable battery for easy portability.

Ultrasonic Cleaning System


Using transducers with unique features that can only be achieved by in-house design, we can flexibly manufacture equipment with custom specifications in accordance with users' requirements.

Options for Ultrasonic Cleaners


The following is a list of various options useful for using Honda Electronics' ultrasonic cleaners.